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Paintball shop in Tallinn

In shop you can buy

  • Military clothes and equipment

  • Paintballs

  • Paintball goggles, tanks and some markers

  • Airsoft guns and equipment

And more:

  • Fill big air bottle(8-15L, 232/300bar) 7.5€

  • Fill small air bottle (kuni 4500psi ja 2,5L)  2€

  • Fill small co2 tank(kuni 20 oz) 5€

  • Mechanical paintball marker service and repair

At shop we can fill small air bottle. Others we return on next work day!

Paintball shop is open:

Milshed Shop

Ehitajate road 110 12618 Tallinn

(Entrance from back door and we are on second floor)

Phone: +37253325022